The Best Mexican Beers You Should Drink For Cinco de Mayo


Partying on Cinco de Mayo? Here’s What You Should Know!

Cinco de Mayo will be here before you know it. Whether you’re going to a party or hanging out with friends at a bar, there’s 100% chance you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of food and Mexican beers. And, who wouldn’t want it any other way? The mention of Cinco de Mayo is pretty much like a bat symbol, right? Your ears perk up. Thoughts about tacos haunt you until one finds its way into your belly. Yes we know, the struggle is real. But, it doesn’t have to be. While choosing between nachos or quesadillas might be a tough choice, grabbing a good beer should be an easy one.

We happen to know some of the best Mexican beers on the planet. So, keep reading, get your wallet, assemble your friends, and enjoy one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year!

Corona Extra, Corona Light, Corona Premier
This trio of beers offers a little something for every type of person. Corona Extra is all about relaxation and finding your beach no matter the situation. Corona Light is 99 calories. It’s perfect for those who want a low carb drink while having some fun. The ideal beer for casual entertainment or to just reward yourself. Corona Premier is the premium low-carb, light beer you want to experience for yourself.

Modelo Especial, Modelo Negra
Modelo Especial & Modelo Negra have a certain depth of flavor people love. Modelo Especial is a little lighter. Both are brewed with a fighting spirit that will leave you wanting more.

Tecate, Tecate Light
All of Tecate’s signature beers were first brewed 60 years ago in a Mexican town by the same name. The original is made for people who love beers with a bold taste. Tecate Light is for those who prefer a lighter beer with the same boldness as the original.

Dos Equis Lager Especial, Dos Equis Amber
The Most Interesting Man in the World would probably say, “Dos Equis is the liquid embodiment of living life to the fullest.” It’s about the journey and being adventurous. Make sure you grab Cinco by the Cervezas.

Sol is for people who love freedom and independence. It tastes great too. Sol is inspired by the sun and brewed to shine like those who drink it. The ones that radiate good vibes only.

Pacifico is meant for easy drinking. It was made in Mazatlan, Mexico and was imported into the US by a group of surfers from Southern California. Pacifico is a symbol of discovery. Grab one and see where your night ends.

Find the best Cinco de Mayo drink specials here.

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